If your assets (including your house, it’s contents, savings and investments) are above the “nil rate band” then your estate may have to pay tax on your death.

The subject of inheritance tax and estate planning can be something of a minefield. HM Revenue and Customs rules state that if your estate is liable to inheritance tax then this must be paid before your loved ones can take any benefit from your estate.

Our lawyers are experts in this field and can provide you with sound and sensible advice spanning:

  1. Any exemptions that may be available;
  2. Any reliefs such as Business Property or Agricultural Property relief;
  3. Any charitable reliefs;
  4. Whether it might be worth using lifetime gifts; and
  5. In the case of larger estates, whether a trust would be worthwhile.

Estate Planning

Modern day family arrangements often mean that simple planning with a Will is not possible. For example, you may own a property and would like to leave it to your children in the long term but may need to provide a right of occupation for a spouse or partner for their lifetime. Our expertise and familiarity with these arrangements means that we can give you the advice that you need to make these important decisions, whatever your situation might be.

Getting started

If you would like to have an informal chat first, then please don’t hesitate to contact Lisa Bennett on 01245 504904 or one of our solicitors below.

If you are coming to our office in Chelmsford, car parking is available at the rear of our building and wheelchair access can be easily arranged. If necessary, our solicitors can also visit you at home or in hospital.

When we meet with you, we would need details of your assets to include an estimated value of your assets and details of the person(s) you wish to pass your estate on to in due course.