There are a number of options available to protect your home against attack from the cost of care fees.

The news is often filled with stories of people’s homes being taken by the local authority to pay for care. It is a big concern to lots of families who understandably want to pass on what they have worked hard for and paid tax on during their lifetimes.

There is often confusion over what action can be taken to try and protect assets from the local authority. The laws which apply to this area are very complicated and ever changing.

At Leonard Gray we understand our clients’ concerns and are experts in this area. We realise the importance of parents wanting to protect assets for the benefit of their family but also wanting to avoid the pitfalls of inconvenient, unworkable arrangements. When dealing with the family home it absolutely essential to take the utmost care.

We will provide you with clear, practical advice on how best to protect your property without causing practical difficulties for yourself on an ongoing basis.

Getting started

If you would like to discuss asset protection and trusts in more detail for yourself or another person, please do get in touch with us either by contacting Lisa Bennett on 01245 504904 or one of our solicitors below.

If you are coming to our office in Chelmsford, car parking is available at the rear of our building and wheelchair access can be easily arranged. If necessary, our solicitors can also visit you at home or in hospital.

When we meet with you, we would need details of your assets to include a rough value for your home, and details of the person(s) you wish to pass your estate on to in due course.