From small claims to thousands of pounds of compensation or damages

Leonard Gray looks after the interests of both commercial organisations and individuals.

We give prompt, decisive, practical advice to clients to ensure they are fully aware of their rights and options.

Our expertise spans:

We appreciate how important each client’s matter is to them and ensure you have direct lawyer contact to answer any questions or to simply keep you updated.

We can advise you on pre-litigation matters and negotiations all the way through to a final hearing at court.

Resolving disputes via mediation:
An alternative to the legal process

At Leonard Gray we offer two ways to resolve disputes:

1. The legal process

2. Mediation

For over 15 years, Leonard Gray has been achieving high rates of success mediating disputes as an alternative approach to the legal process. We have combined many years of legal expertise with intensive training in mediation skills. This blend of practical experience and legal knowledge makes lawyer mediators ideally equipped to deal with all the issues that arise.

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Telephone us for an initial discussion

We are happy to provide initial advice over the telephone. Please contact Maria Orfanidou directly.

“You have got a really good system and your staff are dedicated, friendly and efficient. Keep up the good work.”