Support your staff when they need it most

It is our aim to support your business as a whole. As such, we offer local firms the opportunity to add “discounted legal advice” to their list of employee benefits.

Membership includes 3 benefits

  1. 10% discount on legal advice for family matters such as divorce, moving home, Wills, and Lasting Powers of Attorney.
  2. Legal clinics hosted at your workplace twice a year, offering free 15 minute consultations.
  3. Proactive advice on family issues in the form of literature or a magazine  that you can leave in your staff room

Our clients tell us why they like the scheme

  • When a member of staff experiences a death in the family or a relationship break up, there can be a lot of emotional difficulties and stress involved which distracts them from their job. By offering a quick and discounted route to resolve the issues, employers are able to support their staff back to full productivity more quickly.
  • Some firms have a large number of employees aged over 50. Being able to offer proactive help in the workplace about planning for those later years has gained them much respect from their staff.
  • Moving home. Purely and simply, helping them to get it right first time, and save a little money along the way.

To become a member of our scheme

Please contact John Appleby in the first instance.